I regard Game of Thrones as the greatest TV series ever made. I will surely recommend it for a Nobel Prize for Literature if I had the chance. The Machiavellian dictat penetrates into the naive mind of the viewer. The end justifies the means. That end being the iron throne -a symbol of grace and power over the entire fictitious country of Westeros and a tool with which you can do almost anything. With reasons connected to the iron throne many people died numbering up to a million. There are also other reasons to die. Reasons not connected to the throne. The first symbolic death was the death of a brother of the Night's Watch. He saw the secret hidden in the north of the wall. The reason for the erecting the wall itself. If Eddard Stark had been prudent with his horrific sense of justice, the entire story would have been different. He is to die shortly after -for knowing something: like Cersei Lanister's incestuous relationship with her brother.

William Shakespeare and Richard Sherridan are great, the conversations in the movie are better. Grim sarcasm and threats delivered with the perfect meditation.

Save the magic, Game of Thrones was inspired by the War of the Roses during which the descendants of the King Edward III struggled for the English throne. King Edward's first son and crown prince Edward called the Black Prince had died before his father in 1376 thereby leaving behind a dangerous situation in succession. Richard II, the grandson of Edward III was crowned as king. That was the genesis of the dynasty struggle. The Lancasters and the York whose names were adapted into the movies are descendants of the sons of Edward III. The struggle lasted more than a hundred years and ending with the crowning of Henry the VII, who had crossed the narrow seas, in 1485.

The movie portrays society through the lens of the aristocracy; the kind which allowed for the upward mobility of lesser nobles through different means. Most of them were cutthroats whose ambitious choices wiped out many families. The poor remained stagnant for most of the movie and as well as most of the succession. But at least we saw a gradual shift in the philosophical orientation of the rulers. A progressive Tyrion  Lannister cared about the welfare of the people and recognized their participation in the production process. Incest, homosexuality and other forms of sexual perversion were allowed in Dorne but considered disgraceful in the rest of Westeros. Cersei Lannister didn't give a damn about the cultural believes and went ahead to have children for her own brother -to keep a bloodline. The idea of rightful is only restricted to the nobility. Even slave abolitionist Daeneris Targaryan believed her destiny was to rule the country and the world freeing the oppressed peoples in the continents.

Before continuing, I need to address say something about the sexual scenes. The sexually explicit scenes were managed to accommodate almost all viewers. I have met people who refused to see the movie simply for the sexual scenes. Although I mind sexual contents, I still watched for other reasons. Moving on.

I have often heard reviews from people who think Jon Snow would have made a good King. I think they did not get the full picture of Snow's character -which includes stupid. I am his fan for his good actions but he is not capable of state craft. Not one bit. Imagine the same person who had just saved an entire continent and the people beyond the wall or wildlings having no problems with being loyal to Daenaris Targaryen after she "nuked" people who numbering up to a million.

I have problems with one of the actions. If you asked me, I can't explain how Arya Stark slipped past the Therns and got to the Night King. The Night King was surrounded by the army of the dead, yet a warm blooded Arya got past them. Each viewer, probably, has a problem with a part of the show but no better ending is befitting than the last episode of the show. Yet, many fans of the show have expressed their "disappointment". Some, like outspoken right wing analyst -Ben Shapiro, have alternative ways to end the show. All I have heard and listened to are ridiculous.

Shapiro thinks Jon Snow should have leaped on Drogon after he killed Dany. He felt Jon Snow should have threatened the Unsullied with Dragon Fire while the Northmen -with Sansa Stark- seal the gate of Kingstanding. The Unsullied surrenders and Jon Snow becomes king, then he surrenders the throne to Sansa. That is dumb. It doesn't make any sense at all. Shapiro also thinks Bran should not have been King since his only ability was warging. He, rather erroneously, believes that Bran's  story was his fall. Bran knew the past of Westeros better than anyone alive. That is a recipe for a good arrangement for a better future.

Samwel Tarly's symbolic proposition of democracy was untimely. His proposition evoked laughter among the elites of Westeros. In the end, a democracy of a sort was achieved. The bloody game started by hereditary claim to the throne was ended by the choice of Bran Stark as "elected" King supported by a Council. From then on, kings will only be selected and will not rule by hereditary rights. Game Over!

Ojo, Aderemi, President of the University of Ibadan Students Union (2017/18 session) can be reached via email ojderemi@gmail.com and his articles appear on his website platinumderemi.com
Follow him on twitter @oj_deremi

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Anna Sat June 8, 2019 at 12:36am

How do you know that the struggle for the throne was inspired by historical events that happened in England?

Lanre Sat June 8, 2019 at 11:07am

Whoa! This is pretty good.

Adeagbo Twins
Adeagbo Twins Sat June 8, 2019 at 12:30pm

Brilliant, The movie is deep..

Shalom Sat June 8, 2019 at 8:25pm

Good one.👌. I'll return for a proper comment. Hopefully 😎

Molade Florence
Molade Florence Sun June 9, 2019 at 5:52pm

I agree Jon snow was stupid at a point... He actually corrected it bfr it was late...nice analysis.

DANILLION Sun June 9, 2019 at 9:47pm


Akorede Sat June 15, 2019 at 10:10am

Jon Snow actually had problems with his fealty to Daenerys but his crazy dogma would not have allowed him to turn on her. Tyrion's reason, I think, was the balm that soothed him. Besides, he never expected Daenerys to go bonkers in the first place, I would say he just didn't know her well enough.







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